“We are a young couple living in Sydney and our precious two year old son has been diagnosed with ASD last January. Since then, we have embarked the endless quest which led me to your VBA presentation in Youtube and ultimately to your “Motivation and Reinforcement”. After seeing your presentation, I immediately believed VBABA is the right thing for our son and applied your behavior management techniques and got immediate result. We started VB/ABA under the supervision of a BCaBA and the future looks much more promising to us now.

I want to thank you for your amazing book. I am only half way through it but I keep thanking you after every page I read. Thank you for having the courage about being so positive ignoring the fear of being called “recovery salesman”. I just wanted you to know you should never stop that. As parents, our life was devastated with the diagnosis, felt like we got the life-time prison sentence. Only for people like you, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We know the future may not be as we hope, but there is nothing worse than advising a parent for not being positive about the future. The hope gives us the strength to fight against autism every single day, gives our life a purpose. Whatever action we take with the ‘hope’ can only bring better result than what we could have done being all doomed and gloomed.

I’ll take the ‘Hope’ of recovery any day rather than giving up. Even if the future turns out not to be exactly what we expected, I will have no regret knowing we tried our best and made our son the best he can be.

Its a pity our society warships the hero who fight in the battle and takes lives, but don’t recognize people like you who touches so many lives. My sons diagnosis helped me cross path with so many wonderful people who I didn’t know existed. You are my true Heros.

I hope I have been successful in expressing my gratitude and respect for your work. English is my second language and it doesn’t always help me expressing my feelings. Regardless I still like to try :).

Thank you again for your wonderful job. Know that you have a one more dedicated fan and friend ‘Down Under’ in Sydney.”