Our services include:

In-Clinic Support– We offer 1:1 therapy in our fully staffed clinics. These clinics are conveniently located near the US military bases in Germany. Please contact us at for more information.

Initial Consultation – We come to your house, assess the environment and your child while emphasizing relationship building (“pairing”). We begin to work directly with your child as well as teach you how to best help your child. Before we leave, we will have designed a complete home program that you can continue to implement on your own. This initial consultation will usually last 3 days.

Maintenance Consultation – In order to provide the best possible support for your child, we offer regular follow-up consultations, which take place in your home and can include kindergarten, school, or community support. Individual recommendations are made relating to the frequency of consultations, but for the first year of service, one day a month or alternative 2 days every other month, is common.

Online Consultation – Whenever there is no direct child interaction needed, but instead only further education and communication with the family/team, we offer online consultations. The advantage of online consultations is more frequency and shorter sessions.

Phone-, Email-, Video- Consultation – Even after we’ve left your house, you won’t be left alone. We will be available via phone and email to answer questions, and via video consultations to support you and your therapists with any (teaching) challenges.