“I visited Robert Schramm’s seminar (workshop) near Frankfurt this past April, and the information packed into two days was simply amazing! His lessons were easy to follow, compatible with situations that parents are used to and could “springboard” learning off of, and dove deep into the learning(s) of autistic children. We had been applying mild to moderate lessons of ABA into our son’s curriculum, which gave him the ability to learn the alphabet (no easy task), but with vocal communication at one word (the word “more”).  After using many techniques that Robert suggested, my son can say 18 words, and not robotic responses, but genuinely knowing words. He now voluntarily says words when asked “What’s this?”, or “Where’s your ….?”  Robert Schramm hosts a great seminar, and I encourage anyone who’s reading this to attend one (he goes to international destinations).  
Anyone out there can write back if they want any more details.”