“We’ve tried so much in the past, but were never satisfied with the approaches and recommendations of the therapists. When I found your website, I was excited right away. Your consultant seemed very motivated and professional, and we were surprised how much you can do through behavior therapy. We also got a very comprehensi

“We’ve been extremely happy with my son’s progress recently. We’ve found an internet site www.starfall.com where he enjoys learning his ABCs and using the computer. We’ve gone back and reviewed previous goals to make sure he has them mastered. He echoes everything he hears and sings songs, but his pronunciation is still not mastered for some sounds. He no longer throws a fit when mom/dad leave the house. He is more patient and will wait his turn with his siblings when playing. He likes looking at books, but prefers looking at and flipping the pages more than being read to. He constantly hums or “sings” and still hits people with his fist/head if he wants their attention or wants to play.  He usually only initiates interaction with someone for physical play or food/drink.  When he does have outbursts he still prefers to find things to knock over. We’re starting to get his constipation under control and will begin focusing on potty training during Spring break in April.

It has been difficult/trying on all of us and he still has a long way to go. But a year ago I would have done anything and paid any price to be where we’re at today (talking, learning, listening, counting).    

Thank you, your staff, and God for giving me a new son full of life and such a fitting Easter gift.”

ve program, where everything was explained very detailed and showed new approaches. I have never seen such a structured and comprehensive program to help our son. The therapy approach is just right for our needs with our son (lots of fun and happiness) and shows us, how we can help him better. Thank you!!!”