Good Morning Robert!
I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you once again for providing such a wonderful conference this week in Orland Park. I was there with 3 other SLP’s from my district with whom I share an office. I attended your conference in Frankfurt many years ago right after you had published your book. Your information, was a game changer for me after practicing speech pathology for 20 years at that time. I came to that conference with MANY years of different trainings for kiddos in the spectrum including Floortime, TEACCH, pivotal response, DTT etc.  I was even PECS certified and taught summer camp for Bondy and Frost for a couple years. Your initial training coincided with a family that had moved in and their home team was using Verbal Behavior. The rest is history…we drank the kool-aid you were selling and have never looked back. You were the catalyst to get us to go see Carbone and Partington and read everything from Sundberg. We even require our graduate student interns to read your book before they begin working with us!  
The amount of progress our students have made is remarkable. In addition to using verbal behavior techniques with our kiddos with developmental delays, we also apply our knowledge to our kiddos with only language delays and their growth is unbelievably fast. So thank you…thank you for sharing your knowledge and thank you for your delivery. 
You nailed it on the head when you said BCBAs and SLP’s can disagree and have experienced the spectrum of personalities there! But you have always presented the information in such a way that made us feel we could marry the approaches from both the BCBA and speech world.  We walked away from the conference this week armed with new information and confident that we are providing our students with the most effective kind of therapy.  We hope that Janis from BDI brings you back again in the future! We would love another conference that focused specifically at the behavioral classifications of language; tips tricks and programming. We’ve written our own programs and they work well! But we are confident we have more to learn. 
Thanks again and best wishes to you and your family!