“Nadine, I want to Thank you so much for this opportunity to help my son. I am so excited about the workshop and about the things I learned there. I have already started doing some things with him, like reinforcement the way you do and being totally there for him and showing him fun (more than I have done in the past) and not paying attention at all when he behaves in a bad way… (because sometimes I was giving him attention, that’s why he kept doing the same annoying things). But still, I need professional help!!! When you come to my house, I will ask you thousand things!! I’m still so unsure and insecure!! But I know I will learn it and will develop my son. At least I’m willing to give him this chance.

I must say that your work with Robert, your willingness to help other families is such a nice, beautiful and human attitude. I remember when Robert played that movie about one teenager, 16 years old, who didn’t speak and when he spoke his first syllable, that everyone was shouting, celebrating  and was very happy…In that moment I had tears in my eyes!!! Your Institute is giving hope to lots of families and this is really something you should be proud of and I’m here to give you all the credits!!!  I want you to know that ‘m very happy to have known you, your institute and your philosophy.