“My message is a relatively simple one of thanks to your organisation and the assistance you provided to our family. In 2008, one of your consultants, Isabel Huth, assisted us with our daughter, Felice who had a diagnosis of PDD-NOS, which was subsequently confirmed as autism. Isabel visited us in our home in Neu-Isenburg and helped us tremendously to manage Felice’s behaviour and prepare her for learning.  Eleven years later, I am happy to report that Felice is well on her way to a life with great potential.  After moving to Australia in 2009, Felice made sufficient progress within a year to attend a “normal” primary school where she made great progress very quickly.  

This year Felice has made the transition to High School and to all intents and purposes is leading a “normal” life.  Naturally, she still has some quirks but that is well within the range of behaviour of children she attends school with and we fully expect her to have a happy and fulfilling life.

Therefore, please pass this information (plus our thanks) to Isabel for helping us at the beginning of our journey and to Nadine and Robert as the key drivers for the program.”