Nadine Schramm (maiden name Knospe)


Nadine came to the world of Autism as a caregiver. Not as a student of ABA, but as a person who wanted to help children with autism live better lives. She found her first job working with a boy with autism in the late 90s and got introduced to ABA. The boy’s parents founded the Group “Cure Autism Now” (now “Autism Speaks”), which is one of the largest Autism fundraising and research organizations in America. Nadine was trained as a home based therapist where she used different methods of ABA, TEACCH, and PECS. Later, Nadine began supporting the education of another boy with autism and fraX- syndrome. He was in the early stages of his Lovaas guided ABA program. Although Dr. Lovaas himself did not work directly with the boy, it was his LIFE institute that oversaw the boy‘s program and trained Nadine. Next to her work as an ABA therapist in the home, Nadine worked with the boy as a one-to-one inclusion helper at the kindergarten as well as in his 1st grade elementary school classroom in Los Angeles. She was trained after the latest Lovaas techniques from 1999-2003 and participated in a PECS workshop, presented by Lori Frost & Andy Bondy. Later in 2003 she added workshop trainings in Verbal Behavior with Dr. James Partington to her already extensive resume. In October 2006 Nadine participated in the workshop # 5 “Teaching Verbal Behavior in a Classroom Setting” of the Dr. Vince Carbone Clinic in New York and in November of the same year, she participated in the international autism congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In April of 2007 Nadine added a four day advanced workshop presented by Holly Kibbe, BCBA and Cherish Twigg, BCBA of Establishing Operations Inc. in London, UK and in May she went to the ABA convention in San Diego, USA, and participated in the workshop “How to Train Caregivers in Functional Behavior Assessment and Treatment Development”, presented by Julia T. O’Connor of the Krieger Institute and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, followed by a participation in the autism congress in Santa Fe, Argentina in October of 2007. Additionally, in November of 2008, Nadine participated in a one-day Motor Speech Workshop by Elizabeth Kuegeler, MA, CCC-SLP, PROMPT Certified Instructor. In November 2014 Nadine participated in the workshop “Using Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior Strategies to Improve Autism Programming for both Toddlers and Teens with Autism”, presented by Mary Barbera, PhD, RN, BCBA-D in Cologne. After 6 years of European wide activity as an ABA/VB Consultant, Nadine now leads the office and consultant team.