Maria Schneider

M.A. Pädagogik

Maria got her first experience of using the ABA principles to support children on the autism spectrum in 2013 as an au-pair in the USA. She was responsible for a boy with autism and worked closely with his responsible BCBA and the home therapy team. She gained experience implementing behavioral plans, using different teaching techniques, collecting and graphing data, and helping learn longer chains of action. In addition to the ABA programs, she was also instructed in the basics of ABA-based speech and occupational therapy and was able to apply them herself. Over the course of the year, this experience developed into a concrete career choice. Back in Germany, she studied special education with a focus on intellectual development in order to expand her theoretical knowledge of children with special needs. In numerous internships at various types of schools, she gained experience in teaching children and young people with disabilities. Maria successfully completed her degree in 2018 and expanded it by 2020 to a master’s degree in general education. In 2021 she was finally able to fulfill her long-cherished dream by taking up a position at Knospe-ABA. After an intensive and nationwide training period as an ABA/VB consultant, she was able to get to know more than 50 different children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays. Among other things, Maria learned how to use classification tools and took part in ABA/VB workshops. Maria supports the education of children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays in southern Germany, but is currently on maternity leave.