Liudmila (Mila) Heidbrink

M.A. Psychologie, BCBA (Certificant 1-21-50341)

Mila successfully completed her psychology studies in 2015 with a master’s degree. In the last year of her master’s degree, she began working as a teacher in a Montessori kindergarten, for which she completed her training as a Montessori teacher. During this period she also gained her first experiences with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) within the kindergarten environment. At the same time, she was first introduced to ABA/VB through behavioral therapists working with the children. Due to her keen interest in the field, she began further training in the field through postgraduate studies to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She gained her practical knowledge as a private provider for ABA/VB in Russia and also worked in an ABA children’s center in Moscow. Another field of activity was Mila’s work in kindergartens and schools. There she led inclusive classes, created learning programs for children with ASD and led the teaching team and educational staff. Mila holds a certificate in PECS (Part 1) (PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System) and the introductory certification course from ESDM (ESDM – Early Start Denver Model), a theoretically sound and empirically tested approach to early intervention in infants and young children. In addition, she has acquired additional certificates and knowledge in numerous further training courses. She has already given a presentation at an autism conference on the subject of “Acquiring the ability to play and independence through the use of behavioral chains”. Mila has been a part of the Knospe-ABA team since 2021. In the same year she received her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification. Mila is fluent in German and Russian and supports families with children with ASD and other developmental disabilities in western and central Germany.