Julia Benz

M.A. Erziehungswissenschaft

Julia successfully completed her degree in Educational Science at the University of Cologne in 2023, focusing on psychological and curative education. In particular, the rehabilitation of people with mental and cognitive impairments as well as intercultural communication formed the focus of her academic education. Julia has already worked in various educational and therapeutic areas, which has given her a wide range of insights into working with people of all ages and in different life situations. Especially as a 1:1 school aid, but also through art therapy, water and surf therapy in Spain and in a special education facility in India, Julia was able to get to know and support numerous children and teenager with various developmental delays in different contexts. In doing so, Julia developed the ability to quickly recognise the individual needs of children and teenager and to perceive these in the context of their respective living environments. It was during these activities that Julia first came into contact with children and teenager on the autism spectrum. She has always appreciated working with these children, which motivated her to focus on this area. Since 2015, Julia has accompanied several children on the autism spectrum and their families in their everyday lives. Her experience with two kids, who were in the Knospe-ABA  program, was particularly formative. Since 2017, Julia has worked as a tutor with the children in 1:1 work under the guidance of the consultants at the time, following the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with the Verbal Behavior approach (VB). Julia’s insights into the home-based support program and her positive experience with children on the autism spectrum led her to develop a concrete career aspiration to become part of the Knospe ABA team. During the intensive nationwide training phase, Julia expanded her knowledge under the guidance of experienced consultants and supervisors and had the opportunity to work with around 50 different children on the autism spectrum (ASD) and with other developmental delays. Julia supports children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays in the Cologne/Bonn and NRW area.