Isabel Huth

Supervisor / Teamleader, Diplom-Psychologin

Isabel began her experiences with children with autism in the summer of 1999 where she garnered hands-on and theoretical experience with the science of ABA from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (C.A.R.D., Inc.) in Los Angeles. Her studies at C.A.R.D. took place under the supervision of Doreen Grenpeeshe Ph D. This led Isabel to the study of Psychology at the University of Frankfurt Main in spring 2000. She then earned her Diploma in October 2005 at the University in Göttingen. Throughout her studies, Isabel kept in close contact to C.A.R.D. and continued improving her theoretical background in behavior analysis. Disheartened by the lack of awareness and underestimation of ABA in Germany, Isabel returned to L.A. in 2005/2006, spending several more months participating in C.A.R.D.’s Case Consultant training. Looking for a chance to deepen her knowledge and experience in Germany, Isabel contacted Knospe-ABA and began a consultant training under the direct supervision of Robert Schramm. Working with over 40 different children with autism during her training and now over 20 years of experience in supporting children with special needs, Isabel is indispensable for Knospe-ABA. Throughout the years, Isabel participated in different workshops, i.e.: Verbal Behavior Workshop lead by Dr. Vincent Carbone, BCBA in Bremerton, USA, in October 2006, four day advanced workshop presented by Holly KibbeBCBA and Cherish Twigg, BCBA of Establishing Operations Inc. in London, UK in April 2007,  Motor Speech Workshop by Elizabeth Kuegeler, MA, CCC-SLP, PROMPT Certified Instructor in November 2008, .”Language for Living” workshop presented by Patrick McGreevy Ph.D., BCBA, “Teaching ABA in Small Groups” and “Crisis Prevention Intervention” (CPI), presented by Shiri Bartman, MA, BCBA & Jennifer Donnelly, BCABA. In spring 2013 Isabel participated in Dr. Vince Carbone’s Verbal Behavior workshop in Rome. Isabel is supporting the education of children with autism in middle Germany since 2007, next to her role as a supervisor. In summer of 2015 she was promoted to team leader and helps the consultant team with planing and organisation.