Staatlich geprüfter Therapiebegleithund

Elmo is a state-approved therapy dog. He has been part of the Knospe-ABA team since 2020 and has been able to support Ann-Kathrin in her work as a consultant. He began training as a therapy dog in 2019 at the Academy for Animal Assisted Therapy in the therapy center in Kiel and completed the training in 2021. In the 1.5 years of training, Ann-Kathrin and Elmo have become a great team and now act together in the individual support of the children. On request, appointments can also be completed with Elmo, in which the fear of dogs or the closeness/distance relationship to other living beings can be worked on. A targeted concept can be developed individually and implemented using the ABA/VB principles. Elmo is a Bolonka breed dog. He is people-friendly, very open to any behavior and adapts great to the needs of his counterpart. If you are interested in dog therapy, the responsible consultant can be contacted so that a joint appointment can be made.