Ann-Kathrin (Anca) Frahm

B.A. Pädagogik und Philosophie

Anca completed her studies in general pedagogy with a focus on mental and physical disabilities from Kiel University in June 2019. During her studies, she worked for people with disabilities in the education and nursing sector. Upon graduation, she began working as an educational consultant where she supported people with disabilities, who previously lived in institutions for many years. Here she focused on their integration into individual living settings and supporting them with their social skills, legal and financial needs. For her Federal Voluntary Service in 2014, she gained her first experiences with supporting the development of children on the Autism Spectrum. This work focused on job coaching and career development. Anca has been training her small dog Elmo (Bolonka Zwetna) to be part of the animal-supported work at the DHT-Academy in Kiel. This certification qualifies Anca for joint work with her dog. When agreed upon, Elmo accompanies Anca to the on-site consultations offering her a great partner in her work. Elmo is small, gentile and anti-allergenic, which makes him well-suited for working with humans. In addition to her studies and work, Anca has worked for years as a tutor for a young girl with autism targeting the development of verbal behavior as well as fine motor skills and the coordination of daily routines. This fulfilling work led her to the decision to specialize in working with people with autism and brought her to Knospe-ABA.