Anne Langer

M.Sc. Psychologie, BCBA (Certificant 1-21-51267)

Anne graduated with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Psychology from the University of Frankfurt in February 2016. During her studies, she focused on child- and adolescence related mental health topics and was introduced to ABA during a class on Intervention Methods for Children with Autism-Spectrum-Disorder (ASD). She learned about different interventions such as TEACCH and PECS, but it was ABA which was presented as the most efficient and empirically supported methods for treating ASD. Her great interest in autism led her to apply for the position as a student research assistant, where she was responsible for conducting three studies investigating different neurological patterns in young adults with ASD at the Institute of Medical Psychology in Frankfurt, Germany. She additionally wrote her master’s thesis about Multisensory Integration in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
During her two years as a student research assistant in this project, she worked closely with 15 young adults with ASD. Apart from conducting cognitive tests and performing the neuroscientific measurements involved in the study, such as fMRI and EEG/MEG, she ensured that the participants were comfortable at all times during the measurements. Most importantly, it was during her work at this clinic that she realized how naturally working with children on the spectrum came to her, and she observed first-hand the impact that therapy could have on their lives. Anne was determined to find a place to work where she could combine her skills and experience as a psychologist with her passion for working with and helping children with ASD and their families. This dream became reality in May of 2018 when Anne accepted a job to begin working with Knospe-ABA. She started her intensive training as an ABA/VB consultant with Knospe-ABA, traveling with and learning from different consultants working with over 40 different children. To expand her practical experience, she additionally worked with several children supported by Knospe-ABA as a one-to-one ABA tutor. Forever the student, Anne solidified her expertise by intensely working through the ABA/VB literature and training manuals, undergoing several practice and knowledge assessments, as well as attending the ABA/VB introductory workshop presented by Robert Schramm, MA, BCBA. Anne is supporting children with ASS and other diagnoses and their families in middle & south of Germany and Austria. Anne became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in July of 2021.

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